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This is a story that sticks to the canon of The Burping Troll group, which sticks to Tolkien canon with a few minor exceptions (meaning that a warg that resides at the inn happens to speak, for example). However, the reason I mention this is because it involves no actual Tolkien characters. We are not a Sue group, don't worry. But I feel it's fair to point this out, so that the reader isn't confused by the name "Pippin", as it's not the hobbit one.

Title: Waiting
Author: artfuldodger
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The Burping Troll writers are merely playing in Tolkien's sandbox, and make no money doing so.

Summary: This was written in response to the Real Life Aerio disappearing during Hurricane Katrina. Thankfully he checked in five days after the storm hit his town, and is now safe and has a place to stay. However, there was a lot of worrying as we waited for him. Our hearts go out to those who were not as blessed.
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Okay, that wasn't very articulate, but - DANG! We got our own LJ now! *G*

And I still love this story. *sniffle* That was a darned hard week, and doubly so for those who had to live through it. We were blessed indeed to have our dear Elf reappear safe and sound.

BTW, how'd you do the lovely LOTR wallpaper? Do the free accounts allow custom wallpaper now? *is jealous*

Anyhow, this is a gorgeous site and a very clever idea - good on ya for being clever enough to think this up! *salutes Pippin, Powerful Practically Perfect Princess of Parody and Publicity* :-D
Cheers ~

Erin'm so not sure how this whole deal works but it looks pretty cool to me!

I'll have to corner you sometime Pip and figure out just what the heck I've gone and got myself into getting a LJ account and all that trendy thing. ;), do we get smilie faces here and stuff?

I will also comment on the story just because I ditto Erin...was a hard week, and I am glad you wrote it. Exemplifies some kind of weight relieved off my shoulders when he reported in! :)

I love the site for the bt stuff, and not sure just how all this works I think it's pretty awesome. Love the dragon guys, they are cute! :)
Lol! You can put smilies up near the top of the comments part by clicking on the trasparent smiley next to the subject line.

I've been around LJ for a few years now, so I'd be happy to help you out. I'm here for the cornering. It's quite useful for getting the word out about writing, as there are lots of writing circles for fanfiction updates.

I've made you and Erin both moderators with the ability to post, but not maintainers only because that's the diddly stuff with html and such. :)

Oh, the wallpaper? Free accounts have always (as far back as I can remember, I started my LJ in early 2002) been able to have wallpapers. You just need the right html coding put in the right place. Go to the "modify journal" place and scroll down to the box that says "This is not where you type your entry" and paste the code in. As it's not a code I can fully paste in the comments here, tell me if you want me to e-mail it to you. :)

-Pip, P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.......