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This is a story that sticks to the canon of The Burping Troll group, which sticks to Tolkien canon with a few minor exceptions (meaning that a warg that resides at the inn happens to speak, for example). However, the reason I mention this is because it involves no actual Tolkien characters. We are not a Sue group, don't worry. But I feel it's fair to point this out, so that the reader isn't confused by the name "Pippin", as it's not the hobbit one.

Title: Waiting
Author: artfuldodger
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The Burping Troll writers are merely playing in Tolkien's sandbox, and make no money doing so.

Summary: This was written in response to the Real Life Aerio disappearing during Hurricane Katrina. Thankfully he checked in five days after the storm hit his town, and is now safe and has a place to stay. However, there was a lot of worrying as we waited for him. Our hearts go out to those who were not as blessed.
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